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When it really wasn’t their fault: Post-Collision Training

Collisions are costly – with an impact on drivers and vehicles. The driver, whether at fault or not, can suffer from injury, shock and even post-traumatic stress. They may need time off work or even give up driving altogether.

Meanwhile, collision damage must be repaired and insurance claims settled… But this doesn’t tackle the source of the problem – drivers make mistakes!

Post-collision training for ‘at fault’ drivers is well established, but the “Not My Fault” course from DriveWise is specifically aimed at drivers who have been involved in non-blameworthy incidents. In these cases, it can be hugely valuable to help the driver to understands the real cause of the collision. They can then take a pro-active approach to prevent future incidents.

The course focuses on forward planning and anticipation of other road users’ actions, preparing their own vehicle’s speed and position in advance – to prevent themselves from becoming caught up in another driver’s poor driving and mistakes.

The techniques taught have been shown to produce a smoother drive with fewer ‘surprises’ and reduced risk of near misses or collisions. Our Post-collision course is just one of a growing range, created by experts to meet the needs of today’s fleet operations. Visit to find out more or call the Driver Risk Management team on 01274 511511.