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Changes to EU Drivers’ Hours regulations

A number of updates have been made to the EU Drivers’ Hours regulations and come in to force today.

These include:

  • A requirement for drivers working on assignments abroad to ‘return home’ every 4 weeks
  • A ban on drivers taking their regular weekly rest periods in their vehicle (this is already illegal in the UK)
  • A new definition of ‘non-commercial carriage’ has been added to the regulations
  • A provision for increased flexibility in relation to the scheduling of the rest periods for some drivers who are involved in the international carriage of goods
  • A new provisions relating to rests and breaks for drivers when their journeys involve transport by ferry or by rail
  • An addition requirement to keep a full record of all other work undertaken which is out of scope of the EU Driver’s Hours regulations

More information on these important changes can be found on the Road Haulage Association website.

Keep up to date with Drivers’ Hours regulations

Both the EU Drivers’ Hours and RT(WT)R are cornerstones of the road transport industry, but they are often not fully understood.

To keep updated with the latest updates and legislation, our Drivers’ Hours & Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations Driver CPC module (currently available online) provides drivers with a thorough working knowledge of the requirements of this vital legislation, helping to ensure compliance in your operation.

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