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Driver CPC extensions begin to lapse

Earlier in the year, in response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Government announced a 7-month extension to DQC cards that were due to expire. That extension has now ended for any cards that were originally valid to the end of February.

With many more cards set to expire in the coming weeks, it’s vital that drivers and employers ensure that they complete any required Driver CPC training to avoid breaking the law.

Different rules were originally announced, but once online Driver CPC training became widely available, there was no reason why a driver whose card was due to expire could not undertake the training they needed to keep their Driver CPC up-to-date, so the 7-month extension was introduced. This meant, for example, that any card expiring on 1 February 2020 would be valid until 1 September 2020.

The extension applies automatically to any DQC due to expire up to 31st August 2020. So cards that show a March expiry date will now expire during October, April cards in November and so on.

The rules around Driver CPC have not changed, apart from the extension. If a driver does not carry out their 35 hours required periodic training before their DQC expires, they are no longer permitted to drive professionally until training has been completed. If caught driving professionally without a valid card, drivers and operators face £1,000 fine, suspension and more.

Do you need to renew your Driver CPC card? Top up your training hours today by calling Driver Hire Training on 0808 178 9977 or browse and book a course online.  

In the Spotlight: Steve Dethick

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class training to busy transport businesses and individual drivers looking to advance their professional development. We’re able to achieve this thanks to the experience, knowledge and dedication of our team.

Meet Steve Dethick, our National Sales and Training Manager.

Steve has been in the driver training industry for 30+ years and joined us back in August 2019. He plays an integral role in developing and delivering our training services – in Driver CPC and beyond – under our DriveWise brand. These include a range of Driver Risk Management courses, suitable for drivers of both commercial and smaller vehicles.

Commencing life as a driver trainer in the Army, Steve trained as an LGV instructor and went on to teach countless soldiers to drive large vehicles during his time in Germany. Upon leaving the forces, Steve gained his Approved Driving Instructor qualifications and joined Surrey Fire and Rescue Service’s driving school whilst also running his own successful learner driver school.

At around the same time, Steve joined one of the largest corporate driver training and risk management companies as a consultant trainer, moving from self-employed into a full time position, before working his way up to become the Director of  Training.

He was responsible for overseeing the recruitment and quality control of the training team, and for managing the training course content and liaison with customers, to ensure their expectations were met.

Steve then moved into a sales and training role, heading up the 4×4 and specialist training areas of the business. Following a successful 18 years at the same organisation, Steve moved to XPI Simulation, a company specialising in the development of driver training simulators and associated software.

Steve designed and built the training modules and ran a training centre containing 7 single seat and 2 full car simulators. The modules were aimed at improving driver knowledge and behaviour, focusing on hazard awareness and driver distractions. Steve then joined us here at Driver Hire, working with his colleagues to further develop the DriveWise product portfolio of in-vehicle and classroom-based training programmes.

As a result, DriveWise offers a full range of courses to suit every type of customer requirement.

For more information, call DriveWise today on 01274 511511 or email