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What Makes DriveWise Training Effective

Like many other companies, at Driver Hire Training – in normal times! – we deliver training in many different ways. Our most diverse range of training services comes under our DriveWise banner, where we offer in-vehicle, classroom-based and online services. 

However, what really makes DriveWise different is the training techniques used to ensure the delegate retains and uses the information way beyond the end of the training day. 

Effective training is the key to improving driving standards and improving road safety.

DriveWise courses draw on a range of techniques that have been proven to give good results in the short, medium and long term. It’s all about helping the delegate to buy into the subject matter – if they see a benefit to themselves or their loved ones they’ll be much more responsive and retain more of the information and techniques shared with them into the future.

When buying DriveWise services, you’ll find we spend time talking to relevant key stakeholders like the fleet manager, listening to the particular issues for your organisation and discussing possible solutions. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to Driver Risk Management. Every intervention is different.

Once the agreed training is underway, effective delivery becomes paramount. DriveWise trainers are hand-picked and have a vast array of experience. They are classed as experts in the delivery of advanced driver training – but they’re much more than ‘just’ trainers. They are driving coaches, who listen and discuss different approaches to improve driving standards. It’s about finding the particular technique or training methodology that is most suited to each particular individual.

Two key elements underpin the trainers’ knowledge – the “Roadcraft System of Vehicle Control” and the “Goals for Driver Education” (GDE).

Roadcraft is the police drivers’ handbook. Written in consultation with professional drivers and trainers, it incorporates a systemised approach to driving that allows a driver to have time to respond appropriately to any hazard encountered during a journey. This approach is used and adapted by DriveWise trainers to improve vehicle control techniques, observation, concentration and awareness to create a smooth, flowing drive.

Being a completely safe driver also necessitates a level of self-awareness. A driver needs to know ‘who they are’ and how they will react to situations. GDE is a four-level matrix, used to identify how self-aware a driver is of their own actions and reactions. At DriveWise we believe this is an essential part of the learning process – and it is unique to each driver.

The four levels are as follows:

  1. Vehicle control – Does the driver know how to use the vehicle safely and maintain control of the vehicle?
  2. Dealing with traffic – Does the driver understand traffic regulations, and can they interact with other road users safely at all times?
  3. Journey management – Does the driver plan a journey that minimises risk at every opportunity and question every decision?
  4. Self-Awareness – Does the driver understand how their upbringing, life choices and affiliations influence their decision making and response to situations?


Most drivers meet the requirements of level 2 quite easily. However, many are unaware of the importance of levels 3 and 4 – and just how important journey management and self-awareness are to reducing their risk.

DriveWise trainers therefore put a great deal of emphasis on these two levels, asking the driver to consider the risks associated with their decisions and discussing the driver’s background, upbringing and how they might have been influenced and shaped by experiences in the past.  If they are aware of how they might react, they can make allowances and respond differently in the future.

A self-aware driver is a safer driver.

Meet the Trainer – Scott Boyd

Scott is one of several highly experienced trainers who now deliver Driver CPC training online, in our virtual classroom. A Grade A driving instructor and fleet trainer, Scott has found online training to be a brilliant experience. Here, he shares some of his thoughts on how recent courses have been different to what Driver CPC used to be.

“For many years I have delivered Driver CPC in classrooms. Where you are training for one company, drivers already know each other and have a bond. Online, people have usually never met each other before. So an important job is getting the delegates to bond and join in.  I sometimes find really bad dad jokes help!

“One of the main differences with online courses since lockdown is experience. Some drivers are coming back to the industry as a plan B and sometimes even plan C. It’s very interesting listening to the groups helping each other with advice and experience.

“A lot of drivers say they prefer the online course as it means no travelling and it’s in a relaxing room for them. It’s just so convenient – you really can get your training hours in whenever it suits you, and wherever you are.

“One day sticks out. I had one driver in Wick, in the far North of Scotland, while another driver was in Monaco having delivered some cars. He had to wait in Monaco for a couple of days before bringing back a return load of cars. So while there in his hotel, he decided to a day of Driver CPC training!”

Surveys show fantastic approval rates for training

We believe that good training is vital to improving driving standards, but we also believe that spending money on a course should be a worthwhile investment, not just a way of meeting a legal obligation.

Over many years, Driver Hire Training has invested in creating a range of Driver CPC modules that are engaging and informative, with topics carefully chosen to be helpful to delegates in their day-to-day lives as professional drivers.

Online Driver CPC – a game-changer

Delegates have responded incredibly positively to online Driver CPC training since we introduced it back in March, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. With over 3,000 individual drivers trained online, 95% have rated the training as good or excellent.

Here is what a few delegates and managers have said:

  • “Training was very good, a definite game changer going CPC online”
    Driver, May 2020
  • “My four drivers were hesitant at first but said that the content was very informative, the structure was brilliant and the instructor was very knowledgeable”
    Manager, June 2020
  • “I attended the training myself and the delivery from the trainer was as good as I’ve ever had on these CPC courses. Everyone was engaged”
    Manager, April 2020

Of course, relevant topics are only useful if they are delivered by a good trainer. Here’s what one of our trainers, Caroline Truss, had to say about delivering online training over the last few months:

“Driver CPC online is a great opportunity for drivers from all around the country to share their experiences and update their knowledge.

“Many of the drivers I see have lost their occupations because of COVID and are grateful for the opportunity to get their CPC qualifications quickly and with little expense so they can get work in the driving field.

“Many participants are nervous of being online but soon settle into the experience of training in the comfort of their own home.

Driver Hire Training also delivers online OLAT (O-Licence Awareness Training) and Transport Manager CPC courses. These have been developed to help logistics professionals to run an efficient and legally compliant operation, as well as helping with their own career progression.

Again, these courses would not have traditionally been delivered online, but the response has also been very positive:

  • “Great and enlightening course. Great trainer”
    Delegate, September 2020

All in all, it’s clear that whilst face-to-face training plays a really important role in our industry (and we’re sure that we’re just like you in looking forward to the days when some kind of ‘normality’ returns), high quality online training has been welcomed by many people, and we believe it is here to stay.