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Consider a Career in Logistics- An Industry on the Rise

26 January 2021

According to the Road Haulage Association (RHA) the logistics industry is the UK’s 5th largest employer. Worth £124Bn per annum to the UK economy, there are plenty of career opportunities within the sector – and it is still growing.

Road haulage is an essential part of business in the UK, and worldwide. The effectiveness of the UK economy is dependent on having a logistics and road haulage industry that works for everyone. The pandemic has highlighted this fact all too well and internet retailing has meant that demand for products is even greater than ever.

98% of all consumer produces and machinery are moved by road freight in the Great Britain – the entire country relies upon this industry to run their businesses, feed their families and generally live their life.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus how much we all totally rely on the logistics industry to keep our lives on track – from keeping stock on the supermarket shelves to vital medical supplies and vaccines.

With so many eyes on the logistics sector due to Coronavirus and Brexit, new and exciting challenges await those with the right skills and abilities. The growth of the sector means now is the best time to enhance your career and develop your skills.

More than Driving

The logistics sector offers many career opportunities beyond driving. Other career opportunities in the sector include supply chain management, transportation analysis, logistics engineering, procurement and much more. What’s more as the world becomes ever more globalised, you could have the opportunity to expand your horizons and become involved in international logistics management.

If you are looking to begin or advance your career in logistics and take a step into management, there are a number of course offerings available.

As you become more involved in the operational side of a logistics operation, you may find that Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) is very helpful. It will introduce you to many of the key responsibilities of the Transport Manager and help to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry legislation. If you have an opportunity to become a fully-fledged Transport Manager, you will need to take a Transport Manager CPC course. This is mandatory, but also a very useful, career-enhancing qualification.

With so much growth within this industry, and predicted to grow even further, now is the perfect time to gain some new skills, brush up on old skills and put yourself in a position to enhance your logistics career.