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Driver CPC aids safety

14 May 2024

It’s hard to believe that come September 2024, Driver CPC will complete its third five-year cycle, having been introduced in 2009. Since then, HGV drivers have been required to complete 35 hours’ Driver CPC training every 5 years, to retain their licence.

Fifteen years ago, some experienced drivers and managers failed to see the point of spending time in a classroom, relearning what they already knew. Some left the industry, others hoped Driver CPC would disappear following Brexit.

But nowadays drivers and their bosses are seeing the value of taking a little time out of the cab to improve their skills. A 2023 ‘Safer Driving’ special published by Commercial Motor and Motor Transport, included a survey asking readers if they thought that Driver CPC boosted driver safety. It found that nearly two thirds of the 1,200 respondents agreed that it did.

It looks like Driver CPC is here to stay, though some reforms are in the pipeline, to increase flexibility. Whilst some would like to see the back of Driver CPC, most do recognise its value, as the survey above shows.

“Driver Hire Training already offers flexibility in its highly regarded training service,” says David Slack, Driver Hire’s Commercial Manager. “We’ve become the largest provider of online Driver CPC training, delivering 398,000 training hours in 2023. There’s full support to make your virtual training easy and enjoyable. That’s why our Driver CPC training offer has earned a 98.3% overall satisfaction rating from 31,000 drivers.”