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Driver Licence Checking

Your organisation is legally obliged to ensure that anyone driving for business purposes has a valid licence, which covers the vehicle they are driving.

Driver Hire’s online licence checking system is simple and easy to use. It will save you time and money by automatically carrying out the required checks via the DVLA on time, every time, creating an auditable online record – thus providing you with complete peace of mind.


  • Easy to use – no complicated set up processes or training required
  • Bespoke – completely configurable, align your checks to your own policies & procedures
  • Support – our dedicated helpdesk staff are available to answer any questions
  • Record & Report – reporting function enables you to extract data whenever necessary
  • Audit Trail – every check and its results are recorded, providing a clear transparent, online audit trail
  • 24 Hour Access – online access means you can view your data any time, anywhere
  • Simple Onboarding – options to make setting up your driver database as simple as possible
  • Bespoke Reporting Module – keep all your records on each driver in one secure place
  • GDPR compliant – we are fully compliant with the GDPR

Making the admin easy

Our system is designed to make licence checking administration as easy as possible. This includes the crucial process of setting up your drivers for the first time (‘Onboarding’). We provide four options:

  • SNAP Onboarding – our unique integrated system, which allows you to set up a driver and conduct an initial licence check, simply using a smartphone camera
  • eDeclaration – an online service that allows each driver to provide the required DVLA declaration at a time and place that suits them
  • Pre-populated forms – you can submit a driver database, from which we upload information into individual pre-populated forms for each driver to sign
  • Paper mandates – some customers choose to use the traditional D906 DVLA form for this process


Using the right system

If you’re using the DVLA website to check your drivers’ licences, remember that the ‘View my Licence’ service is only for personal use. To check someone else’s licence, you must use the ‘Share my Licence’ service. This generates a ‘one-time’ code for each individual check, which is valid for just 21 days. You must also remember to keep detailed GDPR compliant records of every check. If this sounds like hard work – dh Licence Check can make it easy for you!

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