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Post-Collision Interview

The DriveWise Post-Collision Telephone Interviews are aimed at drivers who have been involved in collisions in a company vehicle.

The interviewee will be asked questions relating to the incident to gather information that will assist a company investigation into the root causes of the collision; in particular whether it was avoidable and if anything can be done to prevent other employees being involved in a similar incident.

The interview does not look to apportion blame and should be seen as a positive step by the company and driver to reduce risk within the company’s fleet of drivers. The DriveWise Coach will discuss the incidents and report their findings back to the Fleet/Transport Manager.


  • Understand the root cause of the drivers collision
  • Assess any factors that may have contributed to the collision (fatigue, time of day, weather conditions)
  • Feed back to the company any areas of concern

Course overview

The session should last no longer than one hour and will be conducted by phone or via video conference. It involves a series of questions carefully designed to analyse the causes and recognise any contributing factors of the collision. Questions are non-confrontational and at no time will any blame be discussed.

Questions will cover the following topics:

  • Time of day
  • Hours driven
  • Current workload
  • Speed limit and speed driven
  • Weather conditions
  • Damage/injuries
  • Mental state
  • Preventative measures for the future

Answers to the questions will be collated and a report sent to the company containing any recommendations that can be adopted to reduce the risk of similar collisions occurring in the future.

Personal Plan:
The DriveWise coach will set goals and offer best practice advice to the driver during the post-collision interview session, to give the delegate targets to reduce their exposure to risk.

Duration – one hour

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