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LGV In-Cab Assessments,
Driver Coaching
and Workshops

As part of the DriveWise portfolio we offer in-cab assessments, driver coaching and practical workshops for your LGV drivers. All courses are designed to enable you to target specific areas for improvement, then assess and train your drivers on an ongoing basis. This will help you improve safety, reduce risk and gain the maximum return on your investment.

In-cab Assessment Overview

The assessment includes a 45 to 60-minute drive in a variety of road conditions, as well as covering daily walk round checks and coupling/uncoupling procedures. The driver will be directed by our coach, who will assess and record the driver’s skills and ability to drive to the DSA standard.

Feedback will be given verbally and in written form, detailing the areas that the driver is advised to pay special attention to.

Length of Assessment – 2 Hours per Driver (Min 2, Max 4 Drivers per Day)

In-cab Driver Coaching Overview

DriveWise coaching sessions are based on insight from the bespoke DriveWise driver profile, as well as a consultation with you and your driver. The result is a session that is specific to each driver’s needs, ensuring the driver gets support in the most relevant areas for them. A full written post-course report is provided on each driver.

Length of course – Full day or half day courses are available.

*Please note, the trainer booking is for a full day, so up to 2 drivers can be trained per booking.

In-Cab Reversing Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed for groups of drivers and focuses on their ability to identify risk while reversing in tight areas. This is a practical course and can be set up on your premises using the vehicles your drivers are used to. The workshop includes:

  • Tight turn exercise
  • Dimensions (width, length) exercise
  • Blindspot awareness and distraction management
  • Angled reverse

The trainer will guide the participants through the exercises in turns, and the workshop will be tailored depending on your drivers’ abilities.

We can offer a number of workshops covering a wider variety of topics, please ask us for more information.

Delivery and Duration


  • Duration – 8 hours

Training ratio:

  • up to 3:1

Delivery platform:

  • various including Microsoft Teams, WebEx or Zoom.

Why you should choose DriveWise?

All our courses are engaging, interactive and delivered by trained professionals. By choosing DriveWise, not only are you helping your employees to ensure they become better drivers, you are improving safety for them and all road users, reducing incidents and gaining maximum ROI that will make a real difference to your organisation.

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