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How Putting Drivers Through CPC Training Helps the Transport Manager

5 January 2021

It is a legal requirement in the UK and Europe for drivers of lorries, buses and coaches to take part in Driver CPC training. 35 hours of training must be undertaken, periodically, every 5 years by professional drivers. It is the obligation of drivers themselves to undertake Driver CPC training as and when it is needed, however many operators do arrange the training for their drivers.

It is not only the drivers themselves who benefit from undertaking Driver CPC training but also their employers and transport managers. Not only because it is a legal requirement in order for drivers to continue to work, but also because it has the potential to make drivers much more efficient and safety conscious.

Investing in your people

By investing in Driver CPC training, you are investing in your people and their skills. Most importantly putting your drivers through CPC training means they meet the legal requirements – but also putting them through the training helps them financially which can in turn keep them motivated and loyal. Drivers who feel appreciated and supported by their managers and employers will likely exhibit a higher desire to do a good job.

Legal consequences

If drivers continue to work without a valid Driver CPC, there are serious legal implications not only for the driver themselves but also for their operator for allowing them to continue to drive. If a professional driver fails to carry an up-to-date Driver Qualification Card (DQC), both they and the operator they are working for can face a fine of up to £1000 each. In addition to facing a fine, the driver can also be suspended from driving commercially.

The DQC is obtained through completing the necessary 35 hours of periodical training, so it is essential to ensure the training is being completed. By putting drivers through CPC training managers can be sure the training is taking place, protecting themselves and their drivers.

Choosing a training provider

Choosing the right training provider is equally as important as choosing to invest in your drivers. The training provider you choose will also influence the topics you can select – you should look to select topics and modules which are most relevant to you and your driver’s operational requirements. Choosing the right modules is how you can best deliver a good return on your investment. For example, if you are looking to improve fuel economy, a course specific to this will be highly beneficial. Additionally, you can choose courses which help to ensure better legal compliance – helping to maintain your company’s reputation and protect your OCRS score.

At Driver Hire Training we have a variety of CPC training courses to choose from – which can benefit both the driver and transport operator. Now with classes available online, times can be chosen which are most convenient for drivers.