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First introduced when social distancing rules meant face-to-face training was impossible, our online Driver CPC training has become really popular. Or if you prefer a classroom setting we can offer that too. The choice is yours.

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Other information

Training Prime Ministers – and drivers too!

Depending on where you sit politically, having the Prime Minister turn up for one of your Driver CPC training courses could be either good news or bad news. But that’s what happened a few years ago when the then resident of Number 10, Downing Street – David Cameron – joined us, albeit briefly for our Saturday morning session on EU Drivers’ Hours.

Our trainer, Majid Shafiq, has been around the Driver CPC block a few times. So the arrival of the democratically elected leader of the UK didn’t throw him off course. After all, Maj (as he’s known to his Driver Hire colleagues), has delivered over 500 Driver CPC courses. Ensuring that all his trainees get full value for money is a badge of honour and he’s not to be put off by the arrival of a VIP.

Mind you, Mr Cameron’s sudden interest in Driver CPC might have given us a clue to the likely outcome of the Brexit vote – as he clearly knew he might be in need of a new job in the not too distant future.

Training that’s based on practical experience

Maj’s experience as a trainer is more than matched by his practical experience as a commercial driver. He entered the industry in 2005, working as a delivery driver. Maj then joined the team here at Oxford, initially as a driver before moving into the office to become our dedicated Driver CPC trainer.

As Maj will very quickly tell you, to get the best out of training, it’s a two-way operation. His aim is to involve and engage his trainees in every session. That way, through shared experiences, his trainees learn more – and so does he! The slides he displays are a teaching aid – not the be-all and end-all of the session. They’re a tool – a framework around which Maj and his trainees weave a memorable, informative and enjoyable training session.

On course for success

Driver CPC courses at Driver Hire Oxford usually take place weekly on Wednesdays, starting in the autumn and running through to spring. Smaller courses (up to five trainees) can be accommodated in our training room here at our office. For bigger groups, we transfer to the picturesque Kirtkington Golf Club – a truly attractive setting for a spot of Driver CPC training.

Of course, if you’re an employer, and would find it more convenient to run training courses at your depot – and if you have suitable facilities – we can do that too.

Our Courses

Driver Hire Oxford’s Driver CPC training currently offers the following modules:
Fuel Efficient Driving
EU Drivers Hours’ Rules
Digital Tachographs
Introduction to Health & Safety
On-site Health & Safety
Delivery driving
Driving commercially in the UK
Dealing with on-road occurrences
Road traffic laws
Customer Service

Our courses are designed to help the most experienced drivers and those who, for instance, are recently qualified. To keep them relevant and up-to-date, we regularly review and refresh all course material. Because of content cross-ove, we don’t recommend booking for Drivers’ Hours and Digital Tachograph on the same day. We also suggest a similar approach for our two course on Health & Safety.

Our Training Facilities

Travelling to our Oxford office is both easy and convenient. It’s well served by public transport or if you’re coming by car, there’s a pay & display on site. We have tea and coffee making facilities but don’t provide food. However, there is a wide choice of local eateries and takeaways close by.

Public transport to Kirklington Golf Club is somewhat restricted so we recommend travelling by car. Food and drinks are available at the golf club.