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Logistics is flat out – that’s why we’ve made training easy

4 November 2021

Keep on top of Driver CPC – with Driver Hire, training is more convenient than ever

The logistics industry is flat out right now – meeting customer deadlines as the economy grows, and as we head in to Christmas. Nice problem to have, but it’s important to continue to keep staff training and development in mind.

As one of the biggest providers of Driver CPC, we’ve seen recently that some people are leaving periodic training until the last minute, risking lapse of their DQC. That means drivers can’t drive professionally and with well-publicised delays at DVSA at the moment, this could have a real impact on your business.

For drivers specifically, this could limit your earnings at exactly the time when your skills are needed more than ever.

So we’ve made Driver CPC more accessible and convenient than ever before. Online training means drivers don’t need to travel to the classroom – and we have courses running every day, including every weekend and 10 evenings per month.

  • 20+ Driver CPC modules – no need to repeat courses
  • Online training – no issues getting to the classroom
  • Courses daily, including weekends and evenings
  • Need temporary driver cover in the meantime? Driver Hire can help

We’ve delivered 28,000+ driver training days online with a 95% satisfaction rating. Driver CPC courses are just £45 including VAT & JAUPT upload.

Browse and book online Driver CPC courses, or call us on 0808 178 9977.