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Making Driver CPC easy

16 December 2019

We’ve recently gone through the second 5-year Driver CPC ‘deadline’ and for many people, it was another rush to get every driver trained.

Driver Hire Training saw a doubling of courses compared with last year, which suggests that not everyone has grasped the idea that forward planning Driver CPC makes it so much easier.

And the biggest lesson we saw was that companies who have moved away from thinking about a 5-year cycle – simply training every driver once every year – found it easiest of all. We work this way with many customers and our customer feedback has been exceptional.

This approach brings huge benefits both financially and for customer service, as well as driving efficiencies throughout your business.

So here are our three stages to successfully planning your CPC training:

  1. Know your business – Identify peaks in trading and plan each year’s training accordingly
  2. Know your drivers – Training should be planned around driver shift patterns, and modules selected that will best benefit your drivers
  3. Choose a partner that can help manage your training, providing peace of mind that all your drivers will remain compliant



Act now and adopt a plan that works for your business. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help, call our Driver CPC team on 0808 178 9977.