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Meet the Trainer – Scott Boyd

5 October 2020

Scott is one of several highly experienced trainers who now deliver Driver CPC training online, in our virtual classroom. A Grade A driving instructor and fleet trainer, Scott has found online training to be a brilliant experience. Here, he shares some of his thoughts on how recent courses have been different to what Driver CPC used to be.

“For many years I have delivered Driver CPC in classrooms. Where you are training for one company, drivers already know each other and have a bond. Online, people have usually never met each other before. So an important job is getting the delegates to bond and join in.  I sometimes find really bad dad jokes help!

“One of the main differences with online courses since lockdown is experience. Some drivers are coming back to the industry as a plan B and sometimes even plan C. It’s very interesting listening to the groups helping each other with advice and experience.

“A lot of drivers say they prefer the online course as it means no travelling and it’s in a relaxing room for them. It’s just so convenient – you really can get your training hours in whenever it suits you, and wherever you are.

“One day sticks out. I had one driver in Wick, in the far North of Scotland, while another driver was in Monaco having delivered some cars. He had to wait in Monaco for a couple of days before bringing back a return load of cars. So while there in his hotel, he decided to a day of Driver CPC training!”