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Congested City Driving
(FORS Professional)

Driver CPC (Available online)

With increasing demand for same and next day deliveries, the transport industry is under pressure to make more journeys in urban areas to meet the demand. 

This directly affects air quality and public health through harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere by vehicles, heightening the risk of potentially fatal health conditions if left unchecked.

This 3½ hour module aims to make drivers more aware of vehicle pollutants, ways to reduce emissions, and the health impact of pollution on people in congested cities. The course includes:

  • The impact of freight traffic on climate change and public health
  • Air pollution
  • How are cities tackling poor air quality
  • Manufacturer responsibilities in reducing pollutants
  • Reducing the use of high polluting vehicles
  • Identifying hazards and SAFED techniques
  • The impact of alternative fuels

Course Objective

This module helps drivers to focus on the impact road transport has on air quality in cities, as well as the changes and initiatives being made in cities and by the industry to reduce emissions. Drivers will also be able to discuss the impact different fuels and technologies have upon air quality and how a change of driving style can significantly alter a vehicle’s impact on air quality.

Course Duration – 3½ hours
This course can be combined with any of our other 3½ hour courses to complete the required 7 hours of Driver CPC training.

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