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Congested City Driving – Available Online

Driver CPC (Available online)

With urban driving accounting for almost three quarters of all collisions, the risks associated with driving in these areas are very high.  Drivers who regularly travel in city centres face increased risk of being involved in an incident with other vehicles and vulnerable road users.

Aligned with the principles of the LoCITY Driving course, this module looks at reducing a driver’s risk by addressing many of the key risk areas and discussing best practice advice when travelling through urbanised areas.

The 3.5 hour module covers all the relevant details a driver needs to know when driving in heavy city traffic, including:

  • Air pollution
  • Inner city schemes
  • Identifying hazards and safer driving
  • Vulnerable road users in the urban environment
  • Defensive driving
  • Delivering in the city
  • Diversions and roadworks
  • Parking and loading legally

Course Objectives

The main objectives of the module are to identify safe, efficient and reliable movement of goods in a city environment and to highlight different situations that a driver could face – along with how to deal with them effectively. Drivers will also understand defensive driving in urban areas and how to observe more successfully.

Course Suitability

This course is suitable for both HGV and PCV licence holders

Course Duration: 3.5 hours


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