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Loading and Weight Distribution – Available Online

Driver CPC (Available online)

Large goods vehicle drivers have a varied role which typically goes beyond just driving to and from customers’ locations.  Many drivers are called upon to assist with loading and unloading the vehicle and most are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of their load before they set off.

Driver Hire’s Loading and Weight Distribution CPC module aims to show drivers the fundamentals of how a vehicle should be loaded and where the weight of the load should be positioned on the vehicle.

The course includes:

  • Methods for loading vehicles
  • Roles and responsibilities when loading a vehicle
  • Where a load should be placed on or in a vehicle
  • Gross vehicle weights and axle weights
  • Weight distribution
  • Re-evaluating weight distribution after a delivery
  • Securing the load correctly
  • Types of restraints

Course Objective

Drivers will develop an understanding of the importance of correct loading procedures and the possible consequences of failing to load and secure a load correctly.  They will also gain additional knowledge of correct weight distribution and the possible penalties for non-compliance to weight limits.

Course Suitability

This course is suitable for HGV licence holders

Module Duration – 3½ hours
This module is combined with another of our other 3½ hour courses to complete the required 7 hours of Driver CPC training.

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