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Managing Work Related Road Risk in the Transport Industry
(FORS Professional)

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Driver CPC

The aim of this module is to help commercial drivers understand how Work Related Road Risk may be more effectively managed and how Vulnerable Road Users (VRU’s) may be better protected.

The course is fully aligned to meet the requirements of

  • Work Related Road Risk
  • Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver
  • Construction Logistics & Community Safety Scheme (CLOCS)

The course is delivered in two sections, a classroom-based theory session and a practical (on bike). Both parts combined count as 7 hours (1 day) of Driver CPC training.

The course includes:


  • What is Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)?
  • What is Active Travel and who are Vulnerable Road Users?
  • Collision Reporting, and much more


  • Exchanging places, driver attitude and perception
  • Introduction to active travel, driver fitness and health
  • Hazard recognition: understanding the issues faced by Vulnerable Road Users

Course objectives

By the end of the session, drivers will be aware of the risks of the road in relation to Vulnerable Road Users and be able to assess situations to help avoid accidents. They will also gain information about the CLOCS scheme, driver licensing and Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs)

Course duration: 7 hours

This full-day course counts as one day’s Driver CPC training.