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Van Smart
(FORS Professional)

Driver CPC

Van Smart aims to reduce work-related road risks, improve safety and create long-term behavioural change in the van sector.

The course covers essential training for drivers. The vast majority of van drivers are hard-working, reliable and dedicated individuals who look after their vans and are proud of their driving skills, sharing the road effectively with other users. However, because they are busy people, it is all too easy for some to forget some of the risks they may pose to themselves and vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists.

Van Smart is Driver CPC accredited and fully aligned to meet the requirements of:

  • Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)
  • Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver
  • Construction Logistics & Cyclist Safety (CLOCS)

Van Smart is delivered in two parts, theory and practical (on-bike). Both parts combined count as a single day of Driver CPC training. The course includes:


  • Equipping drivers with the knowledge, skills and tools they need:
    • to plan and prepare themselves for driving
    • to carry out their job diligently, safely, responsibly and with consideration for others
  • Helping van drivers to become safer, more efficient and professional


  • Exchanging places with the cyclist – on-bike, driver attitude and perception
  • Introduction to active travel, driver fitness and health
  • Hazard recognition: understanding the issues faced by vulnerable road users 

Course Objective

By the end of this session, drivers will be aware of the risks of the road in relation to vulnerable road users, be able to assess situations to help avoid accidents and gain information about road accident statistics.

Course Suitability

This course is suitable for HGV licence holders

Course duration: 7 hours
This full-day course counts as one day’s Driver CPC training.

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