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Operator Licence Awareness Training Course now available online

14 April 2020

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In January this year, Driver Hire Training announced the launch of its new OLAT course, as part of their broader portfolio of training and driver risk management services. Now, in response to current restrictions on classroom-based training, Driver Hire has made the course available online.

The Operator Licence Awareness Training course is aimed at transport managers and other non-driving professionals and was developed using industry insight, expertise and experience from Driver Hire’s UK-wide network of professional trainers.

As Operator Licence protection is essential in any transport operation, it’s the responsibility of all transport personnel to keep up to date with all legal compliance, and the OLAT course delivers that. Valuable to any member of transport personnel – at any level – the course provides delegates with up to date knowledge of transport legislation, as well as the latest guidance from the Traffic Commission on compliance.

Driver Hire’s innovative move to online OLAT training follows its recent introduction of online Driver CPC courses. These have been very well-received and overcome a potential issue for transport professionals who need training but cannot currently do this face-to-face.

The online OLAT course is interactive training that can be completed remotely from the comfort of delegates’ homes, needing nothing more than an internet connection, laptop, PC or even a smartphone.

View the Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course overview or call us on 01274 511511 for more information.