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Restrictions lifted… should you be training your drivers?

20 August 2021

Following prolonged periods of working from home, employees are now starting to drive their company vehicles again. The risk to these drivers is increased due to the following factors:

  • Apprehension about driving again
  • Longer journeys being undertaken
  • Less driving experience
  • Tighter deadlines
  • Heavier traffic flow

The potential cost associated with sorting out a collision can be very high when taking into account the repair bills, time lost when a person is off work, administration expenses, use of a hire car etc.

With the cost of incidents increasing and the national UK average across all vehicle types* currently stand at…

  • £26,840 for a minor collision
  • £260,000 for a serious collision
  • £2.26m for a fatality

The question you should be asking is… ‘Can I afford not to train my drivers?’

How can DriveWise help?

DriveWise provides 1:1 driver training, nationally. We use DVSA approved trainers and can deliver solutions based on specific requirements, including:

For further information on how DriveWise can help your drivers adapt back to life on the road, please contact Steve Dethick on 0808 178 9977 or email

*Road accident costs by severity Great Britain 2019 | Statista