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Surveys show fantastic approval rates for training

5 October 2020

We believe that good training is vital to improving driving standards, but we also believe that spending money on a course should be a worthwhile investment, not just a way of meeting a legal obligation.

Over many years, Driver Hire Training has invested in creating a range of Driver CPC modules that are engaging and informative, with topics carefully chosen to be helpful to delegates in their day-to-day lives as professional drivers.

Online Driver CPC – a game-changer

Delegates have responded incredibly positively to online Driver CPC training since we introduced it back in March, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. With over 3,000 individual drivers trained online, 95% have rated the training as good or excellent.

Here is what a few delegates and managers have said:

  • “Training was very good, a definite game changer going CPC online”
    Driver, May 2020
  • “My four drivers were hesitant at first but said that the content was very informative, the structure was brilliant and the instructor was very knowledgeable”
    Manager, June 2020
  • “I attended the training myself and the delivery from the trainer was as good as I’ve ever had on these CPC courses. Everyone was engaged”
    Manager, April 2020

Of course, relevant topics are only useful if they are delivered by a good trainer. Here’s what one of our trainers, Caroline Truss, had to say about delivering online training over the last few months:

“Driver CPC online is a great opportunity for drivers from all around the country to share their experiences and update their knowledge.

“Many of the drivers I see have lost their occupations because of COVID and are grateful for the opportunity to get their CPC qualifications quickly and with little expense so they can get work in the driving field.

“Many participants are nervous of being online but soon settle into the experience of training in the comfort of their own home.

Driver Hire Training also delivers online OLAT (O-Licence Awareness Training) and Transport Manager CPC courses. These have been developed to help logistics professionals to run an efficient and legally compliant operation, as well as helping with their own career progression.

Again, these courses would not have traditionally been delivered online, but the response has also been very positive:

  • “Great and enlightening course. Great trainer”
    Delegate, September 2020

All in all, it’s clear that whilst face-to-face training plays a really important role in our industry (and we’re sure that we’re just like you in looking forward to the days when some kind of ‘normality’ returns), high quality online training has been welcomed by many people, and we believe it is here to stay.