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The Benefits of a Career as a Driver

9 December 2021

With 195,000 logistics organisations in the UK and 2.5 million people working in wider logistics roles, the industry plays an essential role in facilitating the UK’s prosperity, development and standard of living. HGV drivers are key to the success of the industry as they enable almost every part of people’s daily life – from stocking supermarkets and online warehouses to ensuring homes and businesses get power. A career in haulage can often be overlooked due to the misconceptions surrounding the job. However, working in the logistics industry can change your life positively and offer many attractive benefits. For individuals who enjoy being on the road – this is the perfect job. Plus, it comes with plenty of variation and the role offers a level of freedom that few other jobs can provide.  

In this article, we will discuss why seeking out a career as a HGV driver can be highly beneficial. 

1. Freedom  

People have different lifestyles as well as different responsibilities that they need to work around. Therefore, a 9 to 5 desk-based job isn’t an appealing career for some. As a HGV driver, freedom is one of your most important benefits. You can enjoy a very flexible role as you can often choose your hours based around your life. Plus, whilst telematics is an increasingly widespread and beneficial technology, you don’t have management watching your every move when on the road. In this industry, you can experience working more independently whilst still being part of a supportive team. Not to mention, the fulfillment you’ll feel every time you deliver goods to a customer. 

2. Job Security 

The demand for logistics and transportation is constantly growing – and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Readily available goods are needed across many different industries and people will always be required to transport these goods to wherever they need to go. Therefore, there’s plenty of work out there for anyone considering a career as a HGV driver, as firms look for new talent.  

Choosing to enter the logistics industry can offer you a long-term job with added security. This is because it’s not an industry that fluctuates nearly as much as other industries. The digital age may have even helped somewhat, as more people order online which means more deliveries need to be made.  

3. Career Progression and Development 

After completing the necessary tests and training, and acquiring your HGV licence, you’ll open yourself to countless driving opportunities and logistic positions. Building up your driving experience and obtaining certifications to drive larger vehicles will increase your job prospects too. By progressing like this in your career, you’ll open yourself to receiving a higher salary due to having enhanced expertise. 

4. Salary 

Being happy with the salary that you earn is important. A career as a professional driver is a great way to earn a good living from doing something you enjoy. The average salary for HGV drivers is £32,500 according to Totaljobs, and if you’re planning on going independent you won’t be capped by companies allocated salaries. Plus, HGV drivers are in high demand which indicates that many firms are willing to pay more in order to interest drivers.  Some companies also offer opportunities for uncapped earnings through voluntary overtime on top of guaranteed weekly hours, whilst still providing an ideal work/life balance.  

5. Travel, Variety and Diversity  

Perhaps one of the best benefits of becoming a HGV driver is having the ability to travel all over the country, and even abroad, to see new sights. Many of the jobs today don’t provide you with such an opportunity. With a career in the haulage industry, you could be in Germany one week and Spain the next. If there’s somewhere you’ve been longing to visit, a career as professional driver can facilitate this.  

As well as driving to different places, the types of jobs that you’ll undertake will also differ. Professional driving can offer not only offer different hours as mentioned before, but different distances and workloads too. To keep things interesting, some days you may complete a long-distance job whilst other days it may be a local delivery.  

6. Affordable Career to Enter 

The fees for lessons, if you’re not already a fully qualified HGV driver are not as high as you may think. It’s important to shop around and see what quotes are on offer. When it comes to the cost of the HGV licence, again, it’s not as costly when you think of the money you’ll be earning once you’re qualified and on the road. At Driver Hire, we’re proud to be part of this essential and important industry. Therefore, we’ve committed to delivering first-class training in order to gain your HGV licence, from the theory and practical tests to your ongoing Driver CPC.  

With all these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why people enjoy a career as a professional driver. You can benefit from job security, a good work/life balance and a competitive salary. What’s more, if you choose a reputable HGV training firm like Driver Hire, you can learn everything you need to know with highly experienced instructors, at an affordable cost. Therefore, if a career change is on the cards, the road transport industry may be your golden ticket.  

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