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Upward trend in cargo crime continues

23 July 2020

UK remains top of the European countries list for cargo crime, with nearly all crimes targeted at trucks.

Recent research shows that a staggering 79% of all European cargo thefts are carried out in the UK.

The data collated by TT Club and BSI also shows that 91% of European cargo crime is targeted at trucks, with a quarter of the commodities stolen being electronics, followed by alcohol and tobacco (15%), food and beverage (10%) and apparel and footwear (9%).

The sky high figure for UK cargo theft is further supported by research from TAPA which showed that 76% of all cargo incidents in January 2019 occurred in the UK.

The majority of crimes are committed in unsecured rest and parking areas. Europe’s lack of secure parking for cargo trucks influences theft trends, the UK in particular, creating ample and easy opportunities for thieves to strike vulnerable vehicles.

With an upward trend in cargo crime already happening before Covid-19, businesses have now been thrust into the unchartered territories of a pandemic, which has presented the toughest economic challenge of our generation.

Organisations must now focus on how they can protect employees and how they can adapt in order to overcome increased security risks posed on the goods they transport.

The Driver CPC modules ‘Vehicle & Personal Safety’ provides advice on how to guard yourself – or your drivers – against cargo crime.

For more information or general advice on how to protect your business and your drivers, take a look at Driver Hire’s resource on Cargo Crime.