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How Can the Virtual Classroom Benefit Professional Drivers?

1 February 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives in many ways, some arguably for the better. Having to learn to be agile and flexible in an evolving and unknown situation has presented new ways for businesses to run, and for people to learn. With remote working looking to be the future and virtual classrooms meaning we can do courses from the comfort of our homes, being proactive and productive may have become a lot easier for some.

It used to be the case that Driver CPC could only be done in the classroom – meaning drivers would have to travel and complete their training in a specific place. It was only when it actually became impossible to conduct these training sessions due to social distancing guidance and Covid-19 lockdowns occurring that the Government decided to allow online training to take place.

Driver Hire Training Proud to Be One of The First

Driver Hire Training are proud to be one of the first training bodies to introduce virtual classrooms for Driver CPC training. The courses are not just a video or PowerPoint presentation but instead a fully interactive, tutor-led training session. Over 18,000 driver training days have now been delivered online by Driver Hire Training – with an impressive 95% satisfaction rate.

Benefits of Virtual Classrooms

  1. Convenience

No matter where you are you can join a virtual course. They are available across a wider variety of timeframes – evenings, daytime, weekends – all available from Driver Hire Training. Where Drivers may have struggled in the past to find a convenient training session, they can do it with much less hassle.

  1. Shared Experience

Where before you would have only interacted with drivers local to you, most likely people you know, now you can interact with drivers from across the UK. This means you can share experiences and insight with a variety of new people.

  1. Environmental Benefits

Virtual classrooms are much better for the environment as it means much less travel is involved and therefore reduces the amount of traffic on the roads.

  1. Cost-Effective

There are many reasons why virtual training is less expensive to run than in-person training, but all of this adds up to mean that virtual training is much more cost-effective for drivers and transport managers. Same great quality training, with less cost.

Online training has very quickly become the norm for Driver CPC, as it has for many other training courses. There is still a place for classroom-based training, but for most people online works best. Whilst the government has not yet confirmed whether the allowance of online training will continue after the pandemic ends, Driver Hire Training is pushing for it to continue as we believe it has plenty of benefits.

For more information, you can look through the online courses we have available.