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Fleet Driver Profile

The Fleet Profiler is a unique analysis tool, developed by DriveWise, to deliver genuine fact-based insight into your fleet’s exposure to risk.

DriveWise auditors have 30 years’ combined knowledge and experience dealing with compliance, and our in-house experts have helped many organisations reduce their exposure to driving risk.

How it works

Our Profiler interprets the data you have available into a simple, bespoke report that highlights each driver individually as well as giving an overall score.

It can include licence checking information, incident records, telematics, mileage and any other company-specific data.

Your Profiler report will help you to understand how and where you can make the biggest difference in terms of improving safety, reducing incidents and maximising the return on your investment.

Features & Benefits

  • Totally bespoke to your business
  • Highlights individual drivers and overall fleet risk
  • Helps target investment

Turning insight into action

The following model shows how your bespoke Profiler report can be used to develop a programme that really works for you.

Why should you choose DriveWise?

Our auditors are experienced, trained professionals. By choosing DriveWise, not only are you helping your employees to become better, safer drivers, you are improving safety for all road users, reducing incidents and gaining maximum ROI that will make a real difference to your organisation.

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