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Are you looking to further develop your HGV career? This might be one of your options – after completing HIAB training you will be qualified to operate a lorry-mounted crane, allowing you to work loading and offloading a range of goods in a variety of environments.

This is an essential qualification for drivers in the construction industry, bulky goods to domestic and commercial premises, or even transporting logs as part of forestry operations. These types of cranes are also widely used in the growing waste and recycling industry, fire and rescue, oil and gas, rental companies, and other industries that involve the delivery of materials or smaller container handling.

These types of cranes can work with a variety of attachments – hooks, brick grabs, clamshell buckets, grapplers, pallet forks, and even more specialised accessories.

HIAB is in fact the company that invented the first lorry-mounted crane that uses the engine of the truck to power a hydraulic loader, and its name soon became synonymous with the concept. Other well known loader crane manufacturers include Atlas, Fassi, Mammoet, Liebherr, and Palfinger. These are able to travel on public roads, eliminating the need for special equipment, which has revolutionised many industries.

Another popular term within this space is ALLMI – Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers. An ALLMI certificate will enable you to use all different kinds of lorry-mounted cranes. Another certification that is available is the ITSSAR qualification. We will discuss your specific requirements with you.

What’s involved

Driver Hire Training are here to help you gain your new licence. We’re here with you every step of the way.

Training length:
This will depend on your existing experience with lorry mounted cranes, and the particular qualification you require, but is typically between 1-3 days.

Costs will vary depending on where you do your training. We can provide all this information when you call us or submit an enquiry form.

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Ongoing requirements

Your HIAB certification is valid for five years. You will need to undertake refresher training and assessment before your current certificate expires.

Further training

You might also want to consider the following specialist skills qualifications:

ADR – Gain a qualification for transportation of dangerous goods
Forklift – Learn how to operate various types of forklifts

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