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‘Not My Fault’

Your drivers are a very valuable asset to your company, so if they have been involved in a collision, the loss to the business can be significant both logistically and financially.

Drivers who have been involved in an incident where another driver had hit them often blame the other driver without considering whether they could have taken any action to avoid becoming involved in the collision.

DriveWise’s ‘Not My Fault’ training course is specifically designed for drivers who have been involved in two or more non-blameworthy collisions within a rolling twelve-month period.

Course Overview

This one-day course opens with a detailed session where the DriveWise coach will discuss the incident(s) with the delgate. The coach will then deliver a bespoke training course to raise awareness levels, and together with the driver, formulate driving plans that include may escape routes, maintaining space and building an understanding of how collisions occur.

The course programme is designed to ensure the driver is aware of how they can reduce the risk of being involved in similar incidents in the future, by being proactive in their approach to road safety and by taking a defensive approach to driving.

Personal Plan – the course concludes with the coach and driver reviewing the driver’s achievements and collaboratively developing an ongoing driving plan.

The DriveWise coach will set improvement goals during the post training feedback session to give the delegate targets to reduce their exposure to risk.

Course Objectives

  • Detailed observation techniques
  • Incident root cause analysis
  • Escape routes
  • Spatial awareness

Delivery and Duration


  • Duration – 8 hours

Training ratio:

  • up to 3:1

Delivery platform:

  • various including Microsoft Teams, WebEx or Zoom.

Why you should choose DriveWise?

All our courses are engaging, interactive and delivered by trained professionals. By choosing DriveWise, not only are you helping your employees to ensure they become better drivers, you are improving safety for them and all road users, reducing incidents and gaining maximum ROI that will make a real difference to your organisation.

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