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Parking & Manoeuvring

Incidents involving parking and low speed manoeuvring accounts for a very high percentage of a fleet’s repair costs.

The DriveWise Parking and Manoeuvring Course aims to improve the driver’s awareness when manoeuvring at low speed and will give real-world advice on how to assess a parking space, park safely and manoeuvre with confidence in even the tightest of areas.

The course also looks at how distractions can affect the driver’s ability and how inappropriate speed contributes to manoeuvring incidents.

Workshop Overview

The Parking and Manoeuvring Course is split into theory and practical sessions to give delegates greater knowledge of why so many incidents happen at low speed and how to manoeuvre safely at all times.

The content includes:

  • Choosing your space
  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Observational awareness
  • Correct use of speed
  • Reversing techniques
  • Use of reversing aids (cameras etc)
  • Personal safety


By the end of the course, delegates will be more aware of how low speed manoeuvring can be potentially hazardous if basic rules are ignored. They will have improved knowledge of:

  • Assessing where to park
  • Awareness of others
  • Using speed appropriately
  • Manoeuvring/parking safely and accurately
  • Minimising the chances of break-in and theft from the vehicle

Delivery and Duration


  • Duration – 3.5 hours

Training ratio:

  • up to 3:1

Delivery platform:

  • various including Microsoft Teams, WebEx or Zoom.

Why you should choose DriveWise?

All our courses are engaging, interactive and delivered by trained professionals. By choosing DriveWise, not only are you helping your employees to ensure they become better drivers, you are improving safety for them and all road users, reducing incidents and gaining maximum ROI that will make a real difference to your organisation.

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