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Applying for finance to pay for your HGV licence training through Driver Hire Training is quick and easy.

You can do it in just 7 steps

Find out more about each stage in the process below.

If you’re happy that you have all the info you need, just head over to the Driver Hire Training application page on the Funding Falcon website.

This includes the approximate amount you’d like to borrow and how long you’d like to take to pay it back. Read the disclaimer carefully and tick to agree. It’s important to answer all questions as honestly as possible and using your own details.

As part of the soft credit search, this allows lenders a ‘one-time pass’ to check your income and expenditure. You don’t have to agree to this, but if not, may need to provide utility bills, pay slips etc by email instead, as well as a photo ID.

You’ll be presented with a series of quotes from lenders that are happy to lend to you, including overall repayment figure, monthly instalments and so on. Just pick the quote you’re happy with, confirm the exact amount you want to borrow, and click ‘proceed’.

Follow the on-screen prompts. Since you’re now choosing to proceed with an offer, the lender will now carry out a hard credit check. This part of the process can vary slightly depending on the lender, the amount being borrowed, whether you’ve accepted Open Banking and your personal circumstances.

You’ll receive your funding direct into your nominated bank account. This can take between 15 minutes and 2 working days – your chosen lender will tell you exactly how long you’ll need to wait.

Since you’re applying for funding via our dedicated page, we’ll be notified when you’re ready to proceed, so we can get your training started as soon as possible!

Important Information

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