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Alcohol and Drugs Awareness

Driver CPC (Available online)

Most drivers will be aware that drinking alcohol or taking some types of drugs will affect a person’s ability to operate a vehicle and in some cases is illegal.

However what many won’t be aware of is how their cognitive responses are affected, and the consequences of being caught with alcohol or drugs in their system when behind the wheel. This module aims to highlight how drink and drugs can be ingested into the body and what effect they have. It also covers the consequences of a driver being caught over the legal limits.

The course includes:

  • What is a drug?
  • Alcohol awareness
  • Consumption, absorption, distribution, elimination
  • Drug awareness
  • Drug groups and effects
  • The law
  • Consequences

Course objectives:

Delegates will identify the risks of driving after consuming alcohol or drugs and learn about the physical effects on the human body, as well as how consuming drink and drugs reduces safety and your ability to drive. They will also discuss the likely legal and social consequences of their actions if they take the risk.

Course Suitability

This course is suitable for both HGV and PCV licence holders

Module Duration – 3½ hours

This is a 3½ hour module and can be combined with another module to create a 7-hour training day.

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