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5 Ways to Develop Your HGV Career

1 August 2022

The recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a huge increase in the demand for logistics and transport, and this is something that will continue to rise. And therefore, this is met by a need for drivers to develop existing knowledge and skills in order to acquire a competitive edge. The more drivers feed into their careers, the more they’ll receive back in terms of opportunities, and more importantly, employment satisfaction.

Developing your HGV career can be anything from listening to industry appropriate podcasts to undergoing additional training. Whether such measures help you move one step forward or support progression in a different sector – anything big or small will advance skills and knowledge, and therefore your career.

In this article, we’ll discuss some development ideas that you can adopt to help with your career progression as an HGV driver.

First Aid

Having a First Aid qualification will prove useful in all aspects of life – not just a logistics and transport career. Demonstrating a keen awareness for safety, whether that be in the depot or for other road users, is an attribute that all employers will appreciate and welcome. The process of gaining a First Aid qualification is simple, and whilst no one hopes to ever be in a situation where it needs to be used – preparation is key.

When applying for new jobs, having a First Aid qualification may even be the deciding factor between you or someone else (who doesn’t have one) getting the position. Therefore, it’s an incredibly helpful certification to be able to put on your CV, as it can make you stand out from others.

There are different options available:

Upgrade HGV Driver Training

Whilst this may seem like an obvious option, upgrading your HGV driving licence is an extremely beneficial way to further your career. Not only would such progression open up a whole host of new opportunities and increase your skills, but it will also give you the luxury of being flexible when it comes to the jobs that you accept. For example, you could upgrade to a C+E licence which is the most comprehensive HGV driving licence, and the skills are highly valuable in the logistics and transport industry. This is because it allows you to drive the largest vehicles in the logistics industry, operating all drawbar trailers and artic lorry combinations, as well as double trailer trucks.

You may consider getting a PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) licence to set yourself apart as a multipurpose individual. Not only does this open a different line of work to you (more opportunities) but it also enhances your experience and makes you a more versatile employee. The conditions for acquiring one are mostly similar to those for goods vehicles. Having this upgrade means you can drive for hire and reward (paid to drive minibus or bus as part of your job).

If you’re looking to learn more about the different driving licences you can upgrade to, our guide has all the answers.

HIAB Training

HIAB training is a licence granted to you for operating lorry mounted cranes and it’s a fantastic addition to further your HGV driving career. Specifics vary from one course to the next, but you may train in hook, as well as brick grab, and become familiar with an array of equipment such as a remote-controlled crane. The more experience you have in this field, the better, as it could contribute towards earning a higher salary, as well as more job opportunities.

ADR Training

Undertaking ADR training means you’ll be entitled to drive a vehicle with tanks as well as vehicles carrying dangerous goods in containers, packages and other structures. This particular type of HGV driver training is a great way to start specialising your HGV career, and if you’re driving hazardous goods, it will likely lead you to better-paying, niche jobs. The harder it is to acquire your licence, the fewer drivers you’ll have to compete with, and in turn, you’ll have more opportunities in the future when you hold a specialist skills licence.

Train Others

If you hold special licences, you could even consider training other drivers. There are opportunities to teach specialist courses, and the salaries for instructors are favourable. Coaching other people will also contribute to developing your skill set, as you’ll be teaching other drivers on a regular basis.

In today’s world, when given the opportunity to develop your skills and experience, it’s important to take it as it will shape you as a more versatile and valuable individual. Working with the right employer is also important, as their support and encouragement for you to upskill plays a huge role in your development. Any of the above approaches taken to develop your HGV career will benefit your future a great deal and give you that competitive edge.

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