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Future of Transport

What Alternative Fuels can HGVs Use?

One of the most important matters globally is sustainability. In particular, the road freight industry has been in the spotlight in the race to be greener. More than a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions result from transport, and...

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The Top 6 Electric Lorries in the UK

The UK HGV market has historically been slightly slower to embrace the trend of electric vehicles than the car market, mainly due to the long distances required in the haulage industry, and the lack of adequate charging infrastructure. However, everything...

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Keeping Your Fleet Eco Friendly

Each day, sustainability becomes a more and more important matter, and this is as true  for the transport and logistics sector as it is for anyone else. With the UK Government’s bid to introduce more eco-friendly policies with their net...

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The Many Benefits of Switching to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

The UK is set to experience an electric vehicle revolution. Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular as a feasible everyday mode of transport – including in the logistics industry. Not only does an electric lorry and hybrid lorry offer a clean and quiet drive but they help reform the industry’s relationship with the environment,...

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