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Loads and Trailers

6 Tips for Preventing Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is the criminal theft of any type of freight products that are in the process of being shipped along a supply chain. It’s one of the toughest problems for the transport and logistics industry to tackle, as criminal...

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Loading and Unloading Goods Vehicles Safely

For many businesses, loading and unloading lorries is a daily duty, and it can come with risks of workplace injuries. As well as this, if a load isn’t securely properly and goods fall from a lorry, it could be catastrophic...

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Everything you Need to Know about Trailers

Trucks are the most commonly used means of transporting freight. By the end of 2019, cargo moved in the UK by HGVs increased by 1% in comparison to 2018, to 154 billion tonne kilometres. When trucks transport cargo, they require trailers to carry the load. In haulage, it’s important to use a...

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6 of the Most Unusual HGV Loads

HGVs often have a limit on the amount that is safe to load them with. Long, heavy or wide loads will typically be transported under the abnormal indivisible loads provisions of the Motor Vehicle (Authorisation of Special Types) General Order 2003 (STGO).  At Driver Hire, our drivers pride themselves on their...

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