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Cracking the code

6 April 2018


Assuming you’re a driver – whether it’s a truck, van or car – here’s a question for you: ‘When did you last look at an up-to-date version of the ‘Highway Code’? Chances are unless you’ve helped someone else to pass their driving test, it could well be around the time you passed your own!

That’s why Driver Hire Training includes a module on the Highway Code in its list of Driver CPC courses. Since its introduction, it’s proved to be a popular choice. Generally, the level of knowledge exhibited by most drivers attending the course is reasonable, but there are some gaps, so attending the course is always valuable.

Where are Drivers caught out?

So what are the areas of the Code with which professional drivers are frequently caught out? A question we posed to some of our Driver CPC trainers.

“What the shape of traffic signs indicates,” says Dawn Moss, a Driver CPC trainer at Croydon. “A lot of drivers don’t fully realise that circular signs give orders, triangular ones warn and rectangles provide information.”

Paul Clements, who covers Driver CPC courses for Driver Hire on a nationwide basis, added: “A good number of drivers don’t know that speed limits for HGVs on both single and dual carriageway roads in England and Wales increased in 2015. However, the old lower limits of 40mph on single carriageway roads and 50 mph on dual carriageways still apply if you’re driving in Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

With all this in mind, is it worth quizzing your drivers (if you are an employer) or yourself on the highway code to see if they or you need to brush up on your knowledge?

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