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DVSA clamps down on Driver CPC course repetition

16 July 2024

The DVSA has announced that they will be monitoring Driver CPC periodic training to ensure drivers are not repeating training as part of their 35-hour requirement.

Understanding Driver CPC Requirements

If you’re a new driver you need to complete initial CPC as part of the licence acquisition process. As you know, to keep your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), you are required to carry out 35-hours of training every 5 years with the purpose to improve road safety and maintain high standards in the industry.

However, a loophole that has allowed drivers to take the same course repeatedly has always contradicted this.

The Importance of Diverse Training

Whilst many drivers and employers do schedule their training periodically over the five-year cycle, some still wait until the last minute, or focus on cost rather than maximising value. Repeating courses because of time pressures or because it’s cheaper de-values the purpose of training. Plus, no new skills are learned, and the delegate’s knowledge is not updated.

Keeping up with Industry Standards

As a professional driver, you are working in one of the most heavily regulated industries and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Even if you have been driving for many years and are incredibly experienced, it is still important to take time out to ensure your knowledge is totally up-to-date. And for employers, keeping drivers up to speed with the latest rules, regs and technologies can also help to reduce operating costs.

DVSA Regulations on Course Repetition

The DVSA state that you can only take the same course more than once in each 5-year period if you have a good reason to repeat it (for example, maintaining a dangerous goods qualification). Where unnecessary repetition is identified and without a good reason, the DVSA can cancel the hours you got from the course, which may result in you losing your Driver CPC card if the cancelled hours take your total back under 35- hours. You can view your training record to see which courses you have attended on the Government’s Check Your Driver CPC page.

Plan Your Training 

To ensure that you continue to develop professionally and keep our roads safe, you should undertake training that benefits you and your job. Here at Driver Hire Training, we offer a wide variety of Driver CPC modules – 21 of which are currently available online, in our virtual classroom.

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