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Mark’s glued to the wheel

10 September 2021

You could say that when Mark Clarke joined Driver Hire his working career became temporarily ‘unstuck’. That’s because he’d previously worked in the industrial adhesive chemical unit for well-known glue manufacturer, Bostick.

Nowadays he’s got a different adhesive – it’s called logistics and he’s loving it.

Originally from Ipswich, Mark moved to Leicester because that’s where the girl who was to become his wife lived. It was also home to the Bostick factory. Mark and his family – he has three grown-up children – subsequently moved to Cornwall and, as things turned out, a new career in logistics.

“I had a mate who was an HGV mechanic,” Mark recalls. “He told me to get a Class C licence and I’d never be short of work. And he was right.”

Driver Hire Plymouth took him onto their books as a rookie Class C and very quickly found him work with Allied Bakeries. “It was a bit like being thrown in at the deep end,” he laughs. “But 15 years on I’m Driver Hire Plymouth’s most experienced driver. I work for them full-time and give guidance and advice to other Driver Hire drivers.”

Megan chats to Mark in the Plymouth office

Around ten years ago, encouraged by his Driver Hire boss, Mark gained his Category C+E licence.

“The variety of vehicles I am able to drive I probably wouldn’t have done without Driver Hire. The best example of this was when I worked in a HIAB truck for the DVLA, lifting untaxed cars which is something I would never have seen myself doing. It was certainly different, and it was really interesting”.

“With agency work you don’t get bored. There is variety,” Mark continues. “I do everything; vans, rigids, artics, tankers. One day it’s multidrop, another day it could be single drop. I get regular work, but it is flexible so I can take time off when I want. They know me and they know I’m reliable. That’s reflected in the work that I am offered. If you are reliable, they will look after you and get you out to work”.

If you’re considering becoming an HGV driver like Mark, you can get your licence – or upgrade your existing licence – through Driver Hire Training’s licence acquisition training service.

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