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The Top 6 Electric Lorries in the UK

5 January 2023

The UK HGV market has historically been slightly slower to embrace the trend of electric vehicles than the car market, mainly due to the long distances required in the haulage industry, and the lack of adequate charging infrastructure. However, everything is starting to change, with major truck manufacturers releasing impressive new electric models each year to really put the UK electric HGV market on the map.

Electric vehicles are the future for the transport and logistics industry, to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and help the UK hit its targets of net-zero emissions by 2050. With so many new options being released, we’ve put together this handy guide detailing six of the best electric HGV vehicles currently on the UK market.

1. Volvo FH Electric

The Volvo FH Electric HGV is ideal for midrange, city-to-city journeys. It weighs up to 44 tonnes (with cargo), and has a range of up to 300km (186 miles), meaning that it can cover significant journeys without having to recharge. It can hold up to 490 KW of power and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge with DC (250KW), and 9.5 hours with AC (43KW).

The FH’s main advantages are its high-impact motors and I-Shift gearbox which combine to create a smooth powertrain. The maximum of 666 horsepower that this creates is kept under control by the unique traction control system, designed to keep the truck stable on slippery services. The user-friendly nature of this vehicle, plus the dedicated electric vehicle support that Volvo offers, like their Volvo Connect Service, makes the Volvo FH tough to beat.

2. Mercedes Benz eActros

With the tagline of ‘more than just a truck’, the eActros was Mercedes’s first electric HGV to be released. With a range of between 300-400km (186-248 miles), and a super-fast charging time of 20-80% in just 60 minutes, the eActros is definitely one of the best UK electric HGVs on the market. It can produce 400Kw of power, with 600kw available for short climbs, and has a payload of 10.6 tonnes without the body, which is similar to most non-electric HGVs.

Each wheel is separately powered with a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery that each provide 112kwh of power, meaning that drivers have maximum control on the road. Plus, it is available in several models (300 4×2, 4×2 semitrailer tractor, 300 6×2 with trailer, 400 6×2 extended range), to suit the needs of your fleet.

3. DAF CF Electric

The DAF CF Electric HGV is the larger of DAF’s two fully electric lorries and can be configured as a 29-ton vehicle (three-axle rigid) or a 37-ton vehicle (two-axle tractor unit). Just like the non-electric version, the DAF CF Electric is a great all-rounder HGV, with a range of up to 250 miles (approx 400km).

 The 210kW electric motor is powered by a heavy-duty battery, that can provide up to 350kWh of energy. Both configurations take roughly 70 minutes to charge, making them ideal haulage vehicles for many different industries.

4. Renault D Wide Z.E

With zero tailpipe emissions, the Renault D Wide Z.E’s big advantage is that it can operate in Low, and Ultra Low Emission Zone areas, making it an ideal vehicle for urban waste collection and other city centre transport industries.

Weighing in at 26 tonnes, the D Wide Z.E has an 850Nm motor, powered by four 66kWh battery packs located in the wheelbase. It has an impressive range for a Class 2 electric HGV, of up to 315km (195 miles). Charging time depends, if you use an AC supply, it will be fully charged after 12 hours, but with a DC supply on maximum power, it will only take 1 hour 50 minutes.


One of China’s biggest rechargeable battery manufacturers, BYD’s new range of electric vehicles is hot off the press, as they were only launched into the European e-truck market in September 2022. The ETM6 is a 7.49-tonne, Cat. C1 truck, designed to provide optimum comfort for short to medium-range day-to-day haulage operations.

Its sleek design, 200km (124 mile) range, 125 kWh battery capacity and super-fast charge time of 72 minutes put it up there with models from other, more established electric HGV brands. But only time will tell how easy it is to operate and how well it performs compared to other vehicles on the market.


Last but very much not least on this list, the Man eTGM electric HGV is quiet, efficient and reliable, so it’s no wonder that it won the ‘European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020’. The eGTM is a Class 2 vehicle, weighing in at 26 tonnes.

It has a 190km (118mile) range, and an electric drive output of 264 kW, powered by 12 high-tech lithium-ion NMC batteries. One of the main pluses of the eGTM is its focus on driver comfort, plus its low noise exposure which makes it ideal for driving through cities. The charging time is also very impressive, as it takes approx. 8 hours with an AC supply, and only 1 hour with a DC supply.

Hopefully, this guide has left you more informed about the different types of electric HGV vehicles that are currently on the UK market. If you are a haulage driver looking for a new job opportunity with a company that uses electric vehicles, or if you are a business looking to employ some new HGV drivers for your fleet of electric vehicles, Driver Hire can help.