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Driver CPC extensions begin to lapse

30 September 2020

Earlier in the year, in response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Government announced a 7-month extension to DQC cards that were due to expire. That extension has now ended for any cards that were originally valid to the end of February.

With many more cards set to expire in the coming weeks, it’s vital that drivers and employers ensure that they complete any required Driver CPC training to avoid breaking the law.

Different rules were originally announced, but once online Driver CPC training became widely available, there was no reason why a driver whose card was due to expire could not undertake the training they needed to keep their Driver CPC up-to-date, so the 7-month extension was introduced. This meant, for example, that any card expiring on 1 February 2020 would be valid until 1 September 2020.

The extension applies automatically to any DQC due to expire up to 31st August 2020. So cards that show a March expiry date will now expire during October, April cards in November and so on.

The rules around Driver CPC have not changed, apart from the extension. If a driver does not carry out their 35 hours required periodic training before their DQC expires, they are no longer permitted to drive professionally until training has been completed. If caught driving professionally without a valid card, drivers and operators face £1,000 fine, suspension and more.

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