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Driver CPC is here to stay – Official Government guidance

11 October 2018

The UK Government recently confirmed that regardless of the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations, Driver CPC is here to stay for the foreseeable future. If you or your drivers are among the many thousands whose current Driver Qualification Card expires in September 2019, you will need to complete the mandatory 35 hours of classroom training before that date.

The clarification was published as part of the official guidance for the commercial road haulage sector on what the industry should expect if there is no deal – but it is clear that the current rules will apply in any case.

The statement confirms that,

“The UK will maintain a CPC scheme… This includes both transport manager CPCs and driver CPCs.”

It also explains that,

“Little will change in practice regarding how UK drivers can obtain their CPC certification. The government is putting in place a CPC scheme to reflect the fact that we will have left the EU, but we have no immediate plans to change any of the standards that drivers have to meet…”

It has become clear in recent months that many drivers and transport operators are holding off from booking Driver CPC, perhaps in the belief that it would no longer be required post-Brexit. In fact, nearly 220,000 fewer hours were uploaded in July 2018 than in the equivalent time during the last cycle.

This is a worrying trend and almost certainly means that there will be huge demand for last minute training during 2019 – demand that will either create a shortage of training places or push prices much higher, or both. Any responsible driver or operator would be well advised to take steps now to ensure they do not fall behind with their training needs.

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